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Smart House

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تجهیزات هوشمند سازی ساختمان
Hefaz Tasvir Karmania Company provides smart home equipment
Smart home has many features. From the control of lighting systems to the control of electrical equipment, cooling and heating systems, control of entrance doors, etc. Among the attractive features of the smart home, the following can be mentioned:
  • Control of lighting equipment with mobile
  • Controlling electrical appliances with mobile phones
  • Parking door control with mobile
  • Control the entrance door of the apartment with a mobile phone
  • Defining different scenarios for the lighting system Controlling the main water and electricity valve with a mobile phone
  • Control the color spectrum of hidden light with mobile Playing your favorite music with the help of a mobile phone
  • Control the curtains with a mobile phone
  • Cooling system control
  • Mobile heating
  • Security system control with mobile
  • And …
All these functions, in addition to many other functions, are easily available in the smart home. Each of the facilities is provided to the user by specific equipment. Therefore, to benefit from each feature, you need to use the equipment related to it.

Products Categorization

Smart Home systems

This category of products includes home smart products along with audio systems and energy meters.

Protective safety systems

In this category, you can see monitoring and control products along with theft notification and traffic control systems.

Lighting systems

This category includes indoor and outdoor lighting products for buildings.

LED displays

This category of products includes urban screens and screens that can be used in the interior of buildings.


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